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More Than 100 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama

Below is a good list of reasons not to vote for Barack Obama. They are not listed in order of importance. I list the life issues, which I think are primary, toward the end. Some of the reasons are obviously more important than others. There are probably some things that should be on the list that I haven’t thought of. Some of the items reflect my opinions, but I have tried to document the facts on the list with links to credible news organizations and independent fact check organizations. To make a comment contact me at

Barack Obama is NOT a New Kind of Politician

Barack Obama is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. He did nothing to reform it:

Barack Obama has the most liberal voting record of any other United States Senator:

Obama had his first political mentor Alice Palmer, thrown off the ballot in Illinois in order to take her place in the Illinois State Senate. It was Alice Palmer who introduced Obama to the domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn:

Michelle Obama was appointed vice president at the University Of Chicago hospitals in 2005. In 2006, Obama requested that the University of Chicago receive $1 Million to support its construction of the new hospital pavilion:

Citizens Against Government Waste say that Obama has an 18% rating, McCain is rated 88%. Senator Biden is rated the worst with 0%:
While Obama talks a lot about “crossing the aisle”. His actual record in this regard is very meager:

Barack Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for her financial ties to Wal-Mart, while conveniently failing to mention his own wife’s ties to Wal-Mart:

Obama voted “Present” 129 times as a State Senator to avoid taking a stand on controversial votes:,CST-NWS-obama04.article

Obama claimed credit for sponsoring legislation that was actually given to him by his mentor Illinois Senate President Emil Jones. Obama repaid Jones with $300 million of earmarks for Illinois, including tens of millions of dollars of earmarks for pet projects in Emil Jones district:

Obama claimed to “press the wrong button” six different times when confronted about controversial votes in the Illinois State Senate:,1,7079399.story

Obama implied he was poor and grew up on food stamps; Obama grew up mostly with his grandparents, who were upper middle-class bankers in Hawaii. Food stamps weren’t available in Hawaii until the seventies:

Obama threw his grandmother who raised him under the bus, comparing her attitudes to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racism and later calling her a “typical white person”:

Obama removed his name from the ballot in the Michigan Democratic Primary when early polling showed he would lose by a wide margin:

In 2007, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama signed a pledge to not campaign in Florida. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was punishing Florida for moving the Primary to January 29. Obama broke his pledge and ran ads in Florida:

Obama who runs as a candidate of change helped keep Chicago politics dirty by supporting the corrupt John Stroger over Forrest Claypool, a progressive reformer, for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners:

Obama changed his nuclear regulation bill to favor nuclear companies under pressure from financial supporters at Exelon, a Chicago based company helping to develop a nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada:

Obama claims to not accept oil money, but in fact he has accepted more than $213,000 from individuals who work for companies in the oil and gas industry and their spouses. Two of Obama's bundlers are top executives at oil companies and are listed on his Web site as raising between $50,000 and $100,000 for him:

Obama claims to have no ties to lobbyists, but several registered lobbyists have raised over a million dollars for his campaign, sometimes having their wives write the check to conceal his ties to them:

Obama donor ordered Big Brother probe of Joe the Plumber - State agency director authorizes child-support check on senator's critic:

Obama Supports Union Ploy to Drop Secret Ballots:

Barack Obama Has Been Less Than Honest With the American Public

Senator Barack H. Obama Jr. repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff:

Obama claimed, in front of a Jewish audience, that his uncle liberated Auschwitz. American troops did not liberate Auschwitz, the Soviets did:

Obama claimed he was born due to 1965 Selma marches; Obama was born in 1961:

Obama claimed the Kennedy family funded a program that brought his father over from Kenya. His father came to the United States in 1959 and the Kennedys did not fund his trip:

Obama has implied that his father was a poor goat-herder. In fact, Obama’s father was the privileged son of wealthy landowners:

After promising to fund his campaign with only public financing, Barack Obama went back on his pledge because he found he could raise huge amounts of money on his own and exceed the public campaign finance limits:

Obama has suggested that people who don’t support him are racists:

Barack Obama’s religious beliefs are not a good reason to vote against him, but failure to be honest about them is. Why can’t he tell us the truth? His mother was raised by non-practicing Christians; his father was raised a Muslim, but was an atheist by the time he had married Obama's mother. Obama's step-father was also Muslim, but of an eclectic kind who could make room for animist and Hindu beliefs. The Left apparently felt that Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs were a legitimate issue in the campaign. Why the double standard when it comes to Obama?

Obama as Messiah???

Obama’s followers often compare him to Jesus Christ. MSNBC reporter Chris Matthews said he gets a thrill running up his leg when he hears him speak.

Many Obama supporters say Jesus was a community organizer just like Obama was:

Here young children sing the praises of their Dear Leader Obama:

Here young men, dressed in military fatigues, praise Obama as if he is a demi-god:

Here Louis Farrakhan calls Barack Obama "the Messiah":

This hero worship is disturbing and chilling:

Here's a lot more about how Obama is being treated as a messiah:

Barack Obama Lacks Experience

Obama spent 143 days in the Senate before he started running for President:

Obama has never authored a piece of major legislation.

Obama has no executive experience. He has never run a business or done a pay roll etc..
He himself has admitted that he does not have the experience to be the President of the United States:

His running mate Senator Biden charged that Obama lacked the experience to be President:

Without a teleprompter Obama is hesitant and confused:

Here is Obama claiming he’s visited 57 States:

Barack Obama’s Alliances are Highly Questionable

His wife Michelle charged that America was a mean country and said that for the first time in her adult lifetime she is proud of her country because of her husband’s campaign:

His long time friend and mentor is Rev. Jeremiah Wright formerly the Pastor Trinity Church who said instead of God bless America, we should say God damn America:

Another mentor of Obama's is Khalid Al-Mansour. Khalid Al-Mansour is a racist and an anti-Semite.

Obama claimed he never heard anti-American, anti-White speeches at his church; his own autobiography indicates he did and as he later admitted under pressure:

Obama is a friend of Father Michael Phleger a radical Catholic priest who has honored Louis Farrakhan at his Church:

Barack Obama is a friend of former members of the radical Weather Underground terrorist organization William Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. They were responsible for several bombings between 1970 and 1974 the Pentagon, the Capitol and a police station in San Francisco. Ayers is quoted in the New York Times on September 11, 2001 as saying "I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough." Ayers helped Obama launch his Illinois State Senate career, held a fund raiser for him and the two served on the board of the Woods Fund together :

Obama while serving on the board of the Woods Fund with Bill Ayers gave money to an Arab group that calls the establishment of Israel a "catastrophe". Rashid Khalidi is the co-founder of this group. He is a Columbia University professor and has condoned terrorist tactics by Palestinian organizations. Rashid Khalidi held a fundraiser for Obama:
The Los Angeles Times is currently suppressing a video of Obama praising Rashid Khalidi:

Obama helped to organize the Million Man March in 1995 sponsored by the racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan:

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam support Obama for President:

Obama has had a long and close association with the radical group ACORN which has been tied to voter fraud in several states and the sub-prime mortgage crisis:

Obama claims not to take money from Washington lobbyists, but he takes money from lobbyists' spouses and holds fundraisers at the offices of law firms that lobby Congress. He happily accepts huge amounts of money from executives of big oil and drug companies and many others. In fact, he's relying on two oil company executives to raise $50,000 apiece for his campaign:

Tony Rezko is a convicted criminal and long time friend and fund-raiser for Obama. Rezko was indicted last fall on federal charges that accuse him of demanding kickbacks from companies seeking state business. Obama claimed Rezko donated only $50,000 to him. Later, under pressure, he revealed Rezko raised more than twice that amount and also sat on his fundraising committee. When asked about his friend, Obama said, “I’ve never done any favors for him.” But evidence proved Obama had written letters to city and state officials praising Rezko’s business practices. Obama helped steer 14 million tax dollars to him:,CST-NWS-obama13.article

Tony Rezko helped to buy Obama’s house:,CST-NWS-watchdog24.article

His running mate Joe Biden has the third most liberal voting record in the Senate. He dropped out of the race for the Presidency in 1988 after he admitted to plagiarism in law school and in some of his speeches:

Barack Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga, a radical Kenyan Marxist thug:

Obama has said in speeches “we are our brother’s keeper”. But his brother in Kenya lives in a hut on just $10 a year:

Barack Obama Advocates a Dangerous Foreign Policy

The world is still a dangerous place and Barack Obama has no Foreign Policy no foreign policy experience. Rogue nations perceive Obama as weak. Weakness invites attack. Perhaps China will invade Taiwan. Maybe Iran will attack Israel or Russia will invade the Ukraine. Maybe Venezuela will stir up trouble in the Caribbean.

Even his running mate Senator Joe Biden admits that the rookie President will be tested in the first six months in Office.

Biden Slammed Obama for Voting Against Funding theTroops:
Barack Obama falsely accused American soldiers of "air raiding villages and killing civilians.":

Obama said he would have been against the surge in Iraq anyway, even though he admits it has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams:

Obama is constantly changing his position about when troops will be withdrawn from Iraq. Sometimes he favors a precipitous withdrawal. At other times he says conditions on the ground will dictate the time:

Obama's inexperience would lead him to grant legitimacy and raise the stature of dictators like Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by granting them a face to face meeting without pre-conditions:

Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. Obama has made conflicting statements on Iran which is close to producing atom weaponry. Our allies fear Obama will undercut progress in negotiations due to his offer to engage in face to face talks with Iran’s President:

Obama would fight terrorism not as a war, but as a criminal problem. This is a pre-9/11 mind set:

Obama would down-size the American military during a time of war. He has pledged to dismantle our national defense systems, including development of future defense technologies leaving us vulnerable to attack:

The terrorist group Hamas supports Barack Obama:

Jesse Jackson, an Obama supporter speaking in Evian France said that 'Zionists' control American foreign policy and they'll lose power in an Obama administration.

Obama is taking illegal foreign donations from Palestinians.

Obama is the Chairman of the Senate Europe and NATO subcommittee. He has failed to hold a single hearing:

Obama didn’t bother to visit wounded troops on his visit to Germany, instead he went to the gym:

Barack Obama’s Policies Would Hurt the Economy

Obama wants to raise taxes to "spread the wealth around".

Obama’s tax policy that would take the nation back to the effective marginal tax rates of the Carter days. He has called for increases in payroll, capital gains, dividends and death taxes. He claims to only want to raise taxes on the wealthy, but this could have a devastating effect on new investment and small businesses:

Obama would increase government spending by possibly one trillion dollars in four years:

Senator Obama voted against his own economic package. Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) Acombed through Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) many campaign promises and compiled a list of 188 new spending proposals that he then packaged together and offered as an amendment to the Fiscal 2009 budget plan. Allard calculated that for the 111 proposals for which cost estimated were possible, Obama’s promises would cost the American taxpayer $300 billion per year and $1.4 trillion over five years. Allard released a floor statement highlighting the size of this spending package, including:

The $300 billion is more than the $294 billion the U.S. spent on imported oil last year.
Obama’s current tax raise proposal would cover only $225 billion over 5 years … far short of the $1.4 trillion in spending.

To finance just the first year of $300 billion in spending, Congress would have to raise taxes on the top 1% of tax payers by 57%.

Obama voted against his own platform and the measure was defeated 97-0.

Obama proposes nothing new in terms of an economic plan. It’s just the old-fashioned solutions proposed by liberals for years –tax, spend and regulate that lead to economic stagnation.:

Franklin Raines is one of Senator Obama’s advisors on economic issues. Raines was the head of Fannie Mae which has now collapsed. Under Raines Fannie Mae committed extensive financial fraud. Raines made 25 million dollars. Now taxpayers are stuck with the bill:

Jim Johnson, former Fannie Mae CEO was a top advisor, chosen to vet potential vice presidential nominees. In 1998, Fannie Mae’s earnings were manipulated, which resulted in "maximum payouts" to executives including Johnson who earned $1.9 Million when he otherwise would not have earned a bonus. Johnson received special loans from Countrywide Financial CEO Angelo Mozilo. Property records show Mr. Johnson has received more than $7 Million in loans from Countrywide since 1998, the first coming in the waning days of his Fannie Mae tenure. Johnson also received fees and compensation from Fannie Mae worth $3.3 Million between 2001 and 2006. He resigned, but he's now back on Obama’s campaign :

In his campaign speeches he has claimed to want to renegotiate NAFTA. At the same time he sent an advisor to Canada to reassure Canadians that this was just politics and wasn’t true:

Obama will increase the capital gains tax which will discourage investment:

Obama's Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to His College Days:

Obama is opposed to renewing President Bush’s tax cuts which actually succeeded in bring more revenue into the Federal Treasury. Effectively, this will be a tax increase on all American who pay taxes. On June 28, 2007 in a Democratic Primary debate Obama said “There’s no doubt that the tax system has been skewed. And the Bush tax cuts -- people didn’t need them, and they weren’t even asking for them, and that’s why they need to be less…”:

Obama proposes a Windfall Profits tax. Jimmy Carter tried it and it failed miserably. It raised the cost of gas and led to drop in domestic oil production:

During his campaign Obama has criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), blaming it for the loss of jobs in the United States. But he sent a senior member of his campaign team to Canada to tell officials there not to take his criticisms seriously:

Obama lied when he told Social Security recipients that their money would now be in the stock market under McCain's plan:

Barack Obama’s Policies on Energy Would Keep Us Dependent on Foreign Oil

Barack Obama opposes drilling on and offshore to reduce gas and oil prices.

While Barack Obama has opposed off-shore drilling and a gas-tax holiday (as supported by John McCain or Hillary Clinton), his solution to our energy crisis does include additional tax burdens on oil company profits, taxes we can only imagine will be passed on to the consumer, thus causing an even more expensive trip to the gas station.

Ethanol subsidies are a major plank in Barack Obama's view of energy independence and national security. He favors ethanol subsidies, some of which end up in the hands of the same oil companies he says should be subjected to a windfall profits tax:

Obama is opposed to drilling in ANWAR, in a desolate tundra area the size of Minnesota. The oil industry says it would need to use only 2,000 acres-an area no bigger than Dulles Airport, outside D.C.-to get that oil. This footprint would be 50 times smaller than the Montana ranch owned by Ted Turner:
While Obama attacks American automakers for not making enough environmental friendly automobiles, he drives a V-8 hemi-powered Chrysler 300:

Obama claims that the oil savings from inflating our tires properly would equal new production plans:

Barack Obama Would Not Support Badly Needed Education Reform
Obama would block true education reform because he too beholden to the teacher’s unions:

When speaking before Planned Parenthood Barack Obama defended his proposal of providing sex education to children in kindergarten. Hear him say it in his own words:

Obama sends his children to private schools, but he opposes school choice which would especially help poor parents send their children to better schools:

Barack Obama’s Poilicies on Health Care Would be a Bureaucratic Nightmare

Obama’s health care plan would not lower the premiums of current payers as he claims.
His health care proposal will not create universal health care. It will be bureaucratic debacle and lead to wasteful government spending:
Elizabeth Edwards Knocks Obama Health Care Plan:

Barack Obama Supports Open Borders. Legal Immigration is a Great Blessing to the United States, Illegal Immigration Poses a Threat.

Obama Voted for continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities". These cities will not enforce federal laws against illegal immigration.

Obama Voted for allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security.

He supports health care for illegal immigrants. This is crushing the health care system in some states:

Obama scores 8% by USBC on immigration issues. interprets the 2005-2006 USBC scores as follows:
0%-30%: open-border stance (approx. 197 members)
30%-70%: mixed record on open borders (approx. 70 members)
70%-100%: sealed-border stance (approx. 202 members)

Barack Obama is Weak on the Second Amendment

He is unclear about his support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Americans should not relinquish their legitimate right to self-defense:

At a fundraiser before rich, elite Democrats he mocked people who live in rural areas as bitter people who cling to guns and religion:

Barack Obama Effectively Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Obama would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which would force other states to recognize same-sex marriages recognized in other states like Massachusetts. So much for the idea of federalism!

Obama supports strong civil unions for homosexuals. In practice, this is not much different than supporting same-sex marriage:

Obama supports adoption for same-sex couples:

Obama voted against a Federal Marriage amendment to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman:

Obama is opposed to California’s Marriage amendment to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman:

Barack Obama Would Appoint Activist Judges and Oppose Legal Reform

Obama would appoint activist judges to the Supreme Court and appellate courts who would legislate from the bench:

Obama opposes necessary TORT reform legislation:

Obama believes in a “living Constitution”. So a judge can change it arbitrarily without having to bother with the amendment process:
Obama criticized the Constitution because it does require redistribution of wealth in a 2001 radio interview. He called the Constitution "a charter of negative liberties" and wanted to move beyond the restrictions that the Founding Fathers placed on government:

Obama voted against the highly qualified Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito:

Barack Obama is an Extremist on Abortion

Barack Obama So Extreme on Abortion He Would Let Babies Die Who Survive Them

Obama voted against requiring medical treatment to be given to babies born alive after surviving a botched abortion. Jill Stanek is a nurse who uncovered the fact that Christ Hospital in Illinois was performing induced labor abortions. Some of these babies are actually born alive. Jill Stanek saw one who was discarded in a utility closet and rocked the baby for about 50 minutes before he died. Barack Obama voted against giving medical treatment to these babies.

Obama called Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor, a despicable liar after being presented with the truth about his failure to protect babies born alive:

Obama voted against banning the brutal practice of partial-birth abortion:

Michelle Obama defended partial-birth abortions in a 2004 letter:

Barack Obama supports the extreme Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If enacted, FOCA would obliterate hundreds of state laws that protect women, parents, children, and health care workers, while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for millions of abortions. It would overturn commonsense laws like parental notification, conscience protections, abortion waiting periods, informed consent, and regulations for women's health:
Estimates are that if Obama becomes President and signs FOCA it will lead to 125,000 more abortions each year:

Obama is the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate ever:

Obama would recommend abortion for his daughters if they got pregnant because he wouldn’t want them to be punished with a baby:

When asked when a baby is entitled to human rights. Obama responded that the question was above his pay grade:

Obama supports the killing of human embryos to obtain their stem calls, even though, stem cells can be obtained from other sources that don’t involve killing:

Obama co-sponsored a bill which purports to ban human cloning, but allows for Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. The bill allows for human clones created and experimented on, but forbids allowing them to be place in a woman’s womb and be born:

Obama supports federal funding of abortion. He opposes the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal tax dollars from being used to pay for abortion:

Obama’s only Harvard Law Review article took a pro-abortion stance:

Obama wrongly claimed that abortions "have not gone down" under President Bush. In fact, the abortion rate has gone down 9 percent, and the annual total has declined by more than 100,000:

Obama is undecided on whether life begins at conception:

Obama is rated 100% by NARAL on pro-choice votes in 2005, 2006 & 2007:

Obama voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)

Obama voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)

Obama voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)

Obama voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)

Obama is rated 0% by the The National Right to Life Committee (Dec 2006)

Barack Obama Supports the Death Penalty

Tell all your liberal friends that Barack Obama supports the death penalty:



RomanCatholic Deacon said...

Thanks for this list, Father West! It must have taken a long time to compile & post it. Great work! I posted a link on my page so other Pro-Lifers will see it. BTW check out a new Pro-Life video Site. I'm a member.
Deacon John Giglio
retired in Florida!

Linda said...

great blog post Fr Peter! I hope all will heed! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

As someone who listens to conservative talk radio all day, and watches Fox News Channel at night, I knew all these 'fun-facts' about Oh-Blah-Ma, as I call him. What is terribly frightening to me is that the liberal media has been spoon feeding the masses half-truths and outright lies. The fourth estate, especially the NY Slimes and its editors have managed to change what used to be the newspaper of record, from one of journalistic intergrity to just plain editorializing THEIR point of view. Most voters don't have time to look into other points of view and believe whatever the networks, CNN, MSNBC, and mainstream publications print. Because of that sad fact -and the sneaky liberal agenda being pushed by the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman, PInch Salsberger, and dingbat Katie Couric, and the rest- Oh-Blah-Ma will most likely be our next president, and if liberals think we have economic and sociocultural problems now...they will be the ones to blame when they elect a known creeping communist into office and realize that as meglomaniacal they thought Bush was- and how this past year's economy has been a financial fiasco (thank you Dems!)...the worst is yet to come!

Pam Stenzel said...

Thanks so much Father West!! Please keep spreading the message! We will all join you! Lets get the TRUTH out there!!
Pam Stenzel

The "Barnyard Homilist" said...

Catholic folks and other pro-Life supporters: we can't let this man get in. One thing we can say about Mr. Obama is that there is no doubt where he stands. If he gets in, it will likely be the result of our staying home.

The "Barnyard Homilist" said...

Never be afraid to vote your conscience, folks. And if you do, you won't make a mistake.

Oh, and another thing:
I've heard some otherwise well meaning people say "How many abortions have these so-called 'pro-Life' candidates stopped?" If it is merely ONE abortion stopped, it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Frank Pavone

1. In his speech July 17, 2007 to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the US, Senator Obama made the following promise:

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.".

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is legislation Obama has co-sponsored along with 18 other senators that would annihilate every single state law limiting or regulating abortion, including the federal ban on partial birth abortion.

2. As an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama twice opposed legislation to define as “persons” babies who survive late-term abortions. Mr. Obama said in a speech on the Illinois Senate floor that he could not accept that babies wholly emerged from their mother’s wombs are “persons,” and thus deserving of equal protection under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. In doing this, he condones infanticide.

3. He is quoted as saying, "I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby. I don't want them punished with an STD at the age of sixteen." See the video below:

OBAMA ON THE ISSUES (youtube videos)

The Economy



3) NEW!

Government Spending

National Security




Foreign Policy






Gun Rights








junipur said...

Could someone PLEASE explain to me how all this information is just shoved under the rug and if Palin so much as burps, it leads the evening news?
This list is just depressing, b/c I think Obama has really snowed the American public and will win.
Thanks to Fr. for having the courage and determination to put this together for us. I hope it actually gets read by the people who need to see it.
(disclaimer: I really do think gays have a right to civil unions and aren't we taught to Love all regardless?)
I'm exhausted. I can't wait till 11/5/08. I guess we just need reminders how lucky we are to have the opportunity TO vote.
Thanks again, Fr.

Mike Stafford (Delaware) said...

Very well researched Father. To me, Obama's associations are the key to understanding his true worldview. That worldview is anti-American, anti-Western, deeply influenced by Marxism, and premised on moral relativism. I simply refuse to be one of the "useful idiots" (to borrow a phrase that the Marxist mentors of Obama's youth would have been familiar with) taken in by his cult of personality. Anyone considering voting for him ought to reflect on the consequences of serving as an "enabler" of far left in its quest to destroy Christianity and Western civilization.

Elisabeth said...

Priest-0-vich! What a lot of work you have been doing. I will pass this on. We should get you on some national press! :)


Tesie said...

I'm passing this all around to my conservative Christian friends. They are impressed with this wealth of info you have compiled. The Holy Spirit has been busy with you I'd say.
I'll keep saying my rosaries for this election. My ccd class is very interested in this election also.

God Bless You Father,

Patty said...

Thanks so much, Father West. For more reasons and for ongoing grass roots efforts against the candidacy of Barack Obama, I urge you and all your readers here to come to PUMAPAC....People United Means Action....on the internet and join with us to defeat this fraud! NewOrleansPuma Go to Today! Work needs to be done in the Swing States especially....

Paul B. said...

I can't vote for him because I'm from New Zealand.
But there is very compelling strong evidence to suggest he was actually born in Kenya, not in Hawaii, making him ineligible to run for president.
So this will make it 101 reasons :-)

Dave said...

The Washington Post article you linked to with regards to Foreign POlicy with Iran states that the UNSC has passed four resolutions demanding that Iran stop enriching uranium....But Obama has said he would make such suspension a topic for discussion with Iran, rather than a precondition for any negotiations to take place.

Whats wrong with that?

The problem I have with your take on Iran is that Iran is allowed under the Non Proliferation Treaty to enrich for peaceful purposes, something that the Bush administration ignores. for the UNSC to pass a resolution that the can back up with sanctions that ignore the NPT is , in my opinion, a lot worse that face to face negotiation and diplomacy advocated by Obama . I think face to face talks are necessary to resolve the conflict. Sanctions don't work, negotiation and diplomacy may well do- even Russia has said that.

If congress want to persuade Iran to end enrichment there can be no hope for negotiations limited by such pre-conditions, which bush wants and Obama doesnt to the same extent.

I`d appreciate your comments on this.

INFO said...

Thank you, Father West! You've put together some great stuff here! Thanks for compiling this list. You did a great job and I'll be sharing it with friends, encouraging them to pass it along.

(a small-time blogger in Indiana) - Obama Bloopers & Commentary

G Ma in Michigan said...

Thank you Fr West! Your work is very well presented. I can't wait to share your blog with others. I feel like I am in a bad dream regarding this election. I can't help but compare Obama to Hitler. How can so many be falling for this guy? Are so many really that desperate for change. Maybe the change they need is to start valuing life. Liberals promise progress, but they are not making progress thru abortion, same sex marriage etc. They are regressing and turning more pagan. Real progress is made when children are valued and protected and loved. Real progress is made when everyone works for the common good and not just what they think is good for them.

Obama is even selling his people to the wolves. Does he not know that Margaret Sanger (spelling) the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist of the worst kind. If she could convince black people that they would be better off by not having so many babies, she could get them to kill their own babies thru abortion. She has succeeded and he is helping her.

Thank you again for your great work!

Anonymous said...
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paint said...

"It was Alice Palmer who introduced Obama to the domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn:"

Alice says she was invited to the party and brifly attended but the entire thing was set up by Ayers and his wife.

other wise all looks correct..

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for this list!
If it's OK with you, I've linked to this post from my blog sidebar.
If you prefer I can take it down.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Obama is not the Antichrist. At most he's a tool.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr. West. I pray every day, that Mc cain wins the election to the presidency. I can't imagine the hardships, and evil things that will be done if the "devil" gets elected.

Ann said...

Thank you, Fr. West, for such a well documented and comprehensive list. We need more courageous priests like you who are willing to stand up and tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Obama is not the anti-christ, but do believe he is the forerunner. He has such deep, evil eyes and avoids looking straight into camera when issue is controversial. I have been around for quite a few elections and this man scares me in a way I have never been scared. His wife seems so angry too.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess ... you delete or block the comments from all the evil, devil-worshiping, anti-Christ loving, sinners who disagree with you, right? God hates an opposing viewpoint, apparently. Of course, when God is on your side - as is so obviously the case here - there can be only one viewpoint. Let's hear it for hate and intolerance! Praise Jesus! (It's what He would do.)

Fr. Peter West said...

I usually do delete comments like the prevoius one, but I published this one just to show everyone that our leftist opponents really are incapable of responding with arguments. They just attack the person, as Joe the Plumber is finding out.

Anonymous said...

You can add this too!
Obama supports giving driving licenses to illegal aliens.


I posted this on and just a few weeks ago and since then it's really being spread around!

Good to see the word getting out!

Glenn s said...

Thank you Farther West for this info. I will email this information to all I know and make copies and mail it out. We cant allow this man who would bring this country down moraly. Just look at his record, he sounds great to the crowds and yet believes in the distruction of unborn babies. All Christians must unite against this man and Vote for a true Hero, Sen McCain.
Glenn S.

Lucretia said...

I wish someone would call on all Catholics to say a Rosary on November 4 for Mary's intercession in hopes of defeating Obama and helping our country. Watching the news, even on Fox, is so discouraging. This list is very impressive and sobering. I just hope that many will really think when voting actually comes and McCain will be elected.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends in Christ,

I encourage You and I implore You to pray the Holy Rosary DAILY! The
Holy Rosary is the KEY to victory
for the Unborn, our country, and the whole world. Sister Lucia in an
interview given to Father Fuentes
stated: :...the Most Holy Virgin in
these last times in which we live
has given new efficacy in the recitation of the Holy Rosary...
There is no problem, I tell you,
no matter how difficult it is, that
we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary..." (given 12/1957)
Please begin TODAY!!! Deacon Joseph

David A. Werling said...

Rosary novena for the defeat of Barack Obama:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your great post! My wife and I have continuously searched for reasons why people WOULD vote for Obama...nobody can answer; all we get is "well, he's not Bush".

Thanks for brining this all to the forefront and the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Father West:
Thank you for this well-reseached and informative blog. May God bless and guide this nation as we approach this crucial election.

Mike Callery said...

Fr. West:
Thanks so much for preaching at St. Kathryn parish this weekend. I believe that your homilies will have a lasting effect on our community and will help change the hearts of many. Check out the Biden interview this past weekend at the following link:
It was apleasure to meet you and feel free to keep in touch.
God bless,
Mike Callery

Dawn Walsh, OCDS said...

Father West,

Bravo, Thank you and Praised be Jesus Christ!! The darkness is great but the Light shines forth!! More prayer is needed. Read page 207 in Faustina's Diary. The angel was prohibited from striking her homeland because of prayer!! The Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet are the weapons. Employ them!
Dearest, well-meaning, but confused Juniper; following your logic "I think thieves have a right to steal and aren't we called to love all regardless" Check your logic my dear.

LACE said...


I have sent this site to many of my friends and family. I wish to add another reason not to vote for Obama - because he stole the democratic nomination. The following site has a series of videos created by a woman with her own money on how Obama's tactics defeated Hillary and how no one inthe press heard her. The woman who created the video is now working for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Thank you for your work.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father.

Leticia said...

I am starting to hope that we CAN defeat this dangerous man, thanks to outspoken Catholic clergy like you, Fr West.
Well done!
Now, let's get back to praying. . .

amiwrong said...

Father West, bearing false witness is a sin.

Fr. Peter West said...

Yes, it is. Everything I wrote is the truth. Can you point out anything that's not true? If so, I'll take it off. But please open your eyes. Don't be a blind follower of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Pray for our country and all the people of beloved Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you Father West. Please pray for all of us, both little and great who love and believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. Here is a reminder for others of who is the antichrist.

1 John 2

18 Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many Antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.

2 1 John 2

22 Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.

3 1 John 4

3 And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus, is not of God: and this is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.

4 2 John 1

7 For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist.

Sister Mary Rose, DMML said...

Praise God that He allowed you to put this list together. We need to ask Our Lady to obtain a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our country so that He may convict each one of us of these truths. May God bless you, Father!

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Sister Mary Rose, DMML

Anonymous said...

"I usually do delete comments like the prevoius one, but I published this one just to show everyone that our leftist opponents really are incapable of responding with arguments. They just attack the person, as Joe the Plumber is finding out."

Isn't that the truth. They never do respond with logic!

Another great blog:

Pieter said...

Thank you for summing up these reasons. However, these are your personal reasons. And of course you can have your personal reasons, but you present them as universal reasons. I am clearly more liberal than you are, so I reviewed your list. Accepting all your statements as true, I found exactly fifty reasons to be against Obama. 36 facts that you give are reasons for me to vote for Obama. 51 facts were not about Obama, or only pro/against Obama if you accept some unproven theory, I gave them the label 'irrelevant', although that does not mean I think the issues are irrelevant.

The 36 reasons that we agree on might be universal reasons. All the other reasons do not really apply. Well, they do apply for persons that accept certain premises to be true, but they don't need reasons not to vote for Obama. The persons that are doubting whom to vote for, will not be convinced by this list, as it includes 87 'reasons' that might not be reasons for them. They are likely to not read the 36 good reasons.

How I did the counting:
Barack Obama is NOT a New Kind of Politician
Against: 1, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20
Pro: 2, 19
Barack Obama Has Been Less Than Honest With the American Public
Against: all eight
Obama as Messiah???
All seven irrelevant.
Barack Obama Lacks Experience
Against: all seven
Barack Obama’s Alliances are Highly Questionable
Irrelevant: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Against: 4, 9, 16, 17
Barack Obama Advocates a Dangerous Foreign Policy
Irrelevant: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
Pro: 4, 9
Against: 5, 12, 13, 14
Barack Obama’s Policies Would Hurt the Economy
Pro: 1, 2, 3, 11, 12
Irrelevant: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13
Against: 8, 9, 14
Barack Obama’s Policies on Energy Would Keep Us Dependent on Foreign Oil
Pro: 1, 2, 3
Against: 4, 5
Irrelevant: 6
Barack Obama Would Not Support Badly Needed Education Reform
Irrelevant: 1
Pro: 2
Against: 3
Barack Obama’s Poilicies on Health Care Would be a Bureaucratic Nightmare
Both irrelevant.
Barack Obama Supports Open Borders. Legal Immigration is a Great Blessing to the United States, Illegal Immigration Poses a Threat.
Against: 1
Pro: 2, 3, 4
Irrelevant: 5
Barack Obama is Weak on the Second Amendment
Both irrelevant
Barack Obama Effectively Supports Same-Sex Marriage
All five pro.
Barack Obama Would Appoint Activist Judges and Oppose Legal Reform
All five irrelevant
Barack Obama is an Extremist on Abortion
Against: 1
Irrelevant: 2, 13, 15, 20
Pro: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19
Barack Obama Supports the Death Penalty
Against: 1

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Grandpa Roland and Grandma Sandy said...

Good work! I could nit pik, but nothing of substance. I am sending you copy of similar, but much more in depth study that I am discussing with my youngest son who disagrees.

Harley Quinn said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Great post!

Daniel said...

Dominus Vobiscum
Father West, the list of "why not to vote Obama" is even more impressive than I've heard listening to the Sean Hannity program on the radio. Of course me and my wife, Musette, will not vote for that man! Thank you and may God bless you and all of people involved in the Priests For Life.
~ Daniel (aka Stregone)

Anonymous said...

Good Work, Fr. West. Support the right to life! Vote McCain/Palin!

Sal Rizzo

LACE said...

2 November, 2008

I pray to all the angels and saints for their guidance and assistance. I pray to St. Michael, the Archangel, for his protection of this country against those who would harm her. I pray to the Blessed Mother to grant us her wisdom and intercession for our the courage to pursuit our path. I ask her to spread her mantle of love and protection around our nation and intercede for us. May God protect us and guide us all.


Anonymous said...

But it's ok to vote for Bush or McCain because they're all for killing people in the middle east, right? that's a good thing?

Fr. Peter West said...

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which is the research arm of Planned Parenthood, there were 1.21 million unborn children killed by abortion in 2005. This is 3315 killings every day. This can not be compared to the war in Iraq,

The American military is not deliberately killing innocent people. The Iraqi government wants them there until the job is done to keep the peace.

An abortion is not successful unless an innocent child dies.

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Anonymous said...

He just doesn't understand that it is the role of the president to work for the "Common Good". He is not a good leader! Makes you kinda wonder what he would not want us to intrude on in his most private family matters!

According to the Washington Post, President Obama issued a statement Jan. 22, 2009 reaffirming his support for a women's right to choose to end her pregnancy. His statement said, "Roe v Wade not only protects women's health and reproductive freedom, but stands for a broader principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters."
That principle doesn't hold water. We have laws against abusing your spouse or child, murdering your spouse or child, neglecting your spouse or child & raping your spouse or child. We MUST intrude even in the most private family matters when necessary to protect our citizens and work for the Common Good. Since when have we ever been allowed to do whatever we want to family members and use as our justification that government should not intrude on our most private family matters? I'm sorry, but I must say that our new president is feeding us a line of bull here and whenever he speaks about the abortion issue and it is our duty to call him out on it. "The care of Human Life... and not their destruction is the just and only legitimate object of Good Government." Thomas Jefferson

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